Weather Contigency Plan

We will check the weather forecast on the Wednesday before our session. Please note that our weather policy is closely tied to state government office closings in Augusta. If state offices in Augusta delay opening times due to weather, HLD follows suit. If state offices in Augusta close for the day due to weather, so do we. If the weather is looking questionable, we'll will let you know that we may have to use the contingency plan. If that is the case on Thursday morning, here's the process:


1. Check the website. Look at the Citizen Alert in the upper left corner. If offices are closed or have a delayed opening, our class will follow their decision.


2. We will send you an email (no matter what) around 6:30 a.m. with the plan. We also will call those of you who do not have email access at that hour.


3. If you aren't sure of the plan, feel free to call Kathy's cell (590-1632) or Derek's cell (752-4169).

In September, we collected the email address that you're able to access at 6:30 in the morning and phone numbers for those of you who don't have email access. So by 6:45ish, we should have contacted all of you. If your early morning contact information has changed since September, please let us know immediately.

Directions ~ Maple Hill Farm


11 Inn Road, Hallowell, ME 04347



From the South:

Take I-95 North. You will then need to take an exit just south of Portland onto I-295 north at Exit 44, or north of Portland at Exit 52 onto the Falmouth Spur over to I-295 north. Continue taking I-295 north which reconnects with I-95 north just south of Augusta, and continue on I-95 north. Take Exit 109, the first Augusta Exit, off I-95.


From the North:

Take Exit 109A, the last Augusta Exit, off I-95. (Don't take Exit 109B, since this just misses the next turn!)


Then, from either direction:

Stay in the left lane on the exit ramp for Route 202 West (toward Winthrop), then as soon as you get onto Route 202 West, scoot right over into the left turn lane and take a left turn onto Whitten Road (at the first traffic light only a few hundred feet from the end of the exit ramp). Then just watch carefully for our blue and white signs directing you through a series of turns during the next 4 miles to Maple Hill Farm Bed and Breakfast on the Inn Road (our driveway) off the Outlet Road in Hallowell.


Alternate Directions:

From Downtown Augusta rotary, take Route 201 South about 1 1/2 miles (or From Downtown Gardiner -- NOT the Gardiner Interstate Exit -- take Route 201 North about 4 miles), then turn away from the river onto Central Street in Downtown Hallowell at the Clock (right turn from Augusta, left turn from Gardiner) and proceed about 3 miles, following the blue and white signs to Maple Hill Farm Bed and Breakfast on the Inn Road (our driveway) off the Outlet Road in Hallowell.


We strongly suggest you avoid any GPS or automated mapping system to find us as the roads are a little tricky in the country, but we have many SIGNS if you follow our directions. 


Download Directions to Maple Hill Farm - Adobe PDF (.pdf) Download | View

Directions ~ Outward Bound

(207) 824-3152


Physical Address:

Hurricane Island Outward Bound School

125 Outward Bound Road

Newry, Maine 04261

Directions to the Newry Mountain Center

The Newry base is about 80 miles and 2 hours northwest of Portland, Maine.


From the South

  • From southern Maine and the Boston area, take I-95 north to Portsmouth, New Hampshire,then continue north on I-95 through and past Portland. Get off at Exit 63 (Formerly Exit 11) Gray, Maine, and take Rt. 26 to Bethel.
  • From Bethel, take Rt. 2 east about 2.5 miles. Turn left on Sunday River Road. After twomiles, bear right at the first fork (the left fork goes to the ski area). After one more mile,bear right again at another fork. Continue on past the covered bridge almost two miles untilyou see an Outward Bound sign on your right. Turn right on the gravel driveway andcontinue up the hill about ½ mile to a large parking area on your left. Park there and walk upthe hill with your gear to course start.


From the West

  • From the west, get to Gorham, New Hampshire and take Rt. 2 to Bethel. Follow instructionsabove, under “From the South,” from Bethel.


The Mountain Center is 80 miles/ 2 hours from Portland and 130 miles/2.5 hours from Rockland. Bethel is the nearest town with stores and services.


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